“You’ve tried the wine; now try the city!” Discovering Porto

For those contemplating visiting Porto, Portugal’s second largest city, The New York Times recently published an excellent article on how to make the most of just 36 hours in this beautiful and plenty to see city.

City of Porto (courtesy Ian Gardiner)

As the writer explains, Port wine isn’t the only reason to come to Porto, there are now many other reasons to come and enjoy Portuguese culture with a modern touch.

Alleyway, Porto (courtesy Ian Gardiner)

Although Porto has an air of greyness and decadence with some of its buildings, old and dilapidated, one cannot help but be totally drawn in by its charm of narrow cobbled stone streets, old traditional shops carrying different ranges of merchandise, cosy coffee and pastry shops, old tiled buildings, intriguing alleyways, small and inviting typical restaurants and so the list goes on.

Old buildings, Porto (courtesy Ian Gardiner)

In their article, The New York Times gives a program that will take you around a city where architectural contrasts of historical buildings are now being used to their fullest.  Tucked away inside these old outer shells, new and interesting avant-garde businesses are emerging, all of which well worth investigating.

With Porto’s small, yet modern airport, considered to be one of the best in the world, low cost flights are a daily occurrence and it can be a quick hop over to enjoy the other side of Portugal and discover this still traditional and beautiful city.

Use Porto as a base to visit the beautiful regions of the Minho (north) and Douro (east) which offer countless history, tradition and genuine Portuguese culture.

Check out the article in The NY Times on 36 hours in Porto, Portugal.

Ribeira at night, Porto (courtesy Ian Gardiner)

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  1. ElizOF says:

    Great pictures and post… I love the tiled background on y our blog too. 🙂

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