Talking About Doors

Doors, doors, doors – they’re all around us and I am totally fascinated by them!

Throughout Portugal driving through any city, town, village or country area, there will always be an interesting door to see.  The astounding array of them embellishing the old monuments, churches & chapels, warehouses, wineries, private manor houses, old dilapidated and run-down buildings or even the simplest Portuguese family home are to die for.

What attracts me most when I walk or drive past an buildings is the look of the door itself and the granite or wood framework around it.   Some are just simple and plain, others are ornately carved, depending of course on the social status of the building itself.

The craftmanship that would have gone into making them seems just unbelievable and certainly very difficult to find these days.  I feel sad when I see the ones that are old with their paint cracking off and yet they make up part of the surroundings here – they just seem to blend in with the life in this country.     Many just need to be restored back to their glory – what stores they could tell…..

Here are a few to wet your appetite.

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4 Responses to Talking About Doors

  1. eof737 says:

    I love intricately designed and/or simple colorful doors. 😉

  2. Bryan Hoffman says:

    These are absolutely fantastic. Thank you for sharing. -Bryan

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