Portuguese Butter Distinguished by Wallpaper Magazine

Portugal at its best!   Although this was announced late last year in Sept 2011, it is definitely worth a mention, a Portuguese butter called Manteiga Marinhas was distinguished by the well-known U.K. magazine Wallpaper as one of the 13 best artisanal butters in the world.

Artisanal butters from England, France, Italy and the USA were amongst the 13 entries eulogized with Manteiga Marinhas being the only Portuguese butter chosen.  Manteiga Marinhas is produced by a family owned business called Lacticinios das Marinhas under the entrepreneurship of its owner, Berta Castilho.  It is located in Esposende (just over 50 kms north of Porto) and is known for its high quality products which include:-

  • Butters with and without salt
  • Cheeses – cured, cream and flamengo

It seems that artisanal butters are coming into fashion and according to the article one can now choose a butter that comes from “varying breeds, grazing terrains, culturing and churning methods, additional ingredients, etc.”.   Not as well-known for its dairy products, for Portugal this undoubtedly contributes to the sophistication and prestige of the products and wines that this country now produces.

Compared to the standard butters available these days that come in plastic containers, this delicious and unique butter is wrapped in the traditional greaseproof paper and Wallpaper describes Manteiga Marinhas as the “artisanal butter Portuguese-style, perfect ingredient for producing sweet pastries”.

Look out for it!

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