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The Portuguese ‘Pote’ in a Traditional Kitchen

The typical old Portuguese farmhouse kitchen is a sight to be seen.  Still found and in use in many rural parts of Portugal, especially in the northern and central parts, it is a large open space where one can find everything that … Continue reading

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Nothing Beats Meandering Through the Minho

One of the most beautiful parts of Portugal is the northern area called the Minho.  It covers a geographic area of around 4.700 km2 and its natural green scenery with an abundance of water and excellent white sandy beaches is a favourite … Continue reading

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Statuesque Canastros

I am fascinated by the old Portuguese granaries known as ‘canastros’, ‘espigueiros’ or ‘caniços’ which can still be seen in the Minho region throughout the north of Portugal.  I have always known them as canastros and driving along country roads or … Continue reading

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Windows Oozing History

I am always amazed at the amount of beautiful windows that exist on old buildings in Portugal but I also feel saddened at the way some of them have been left to deteriorate over the years.   They come in all shapes … Continue reading

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