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Portugal’s Heavenly Patisserie Delights

There is something about Portuguese patisserie that is unmistakably heavenly! I recently had the opportunity of visiting the 13th exposition of traditional Portuguese Convent Patisserie, ‘Doçes Conventuais’, held in Alcobaça at the end of November.  The town of Alcobaça is located in … Continue reading

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The Coastal Walk from Porto to Santiago Compostela – Part 4

I had been very much looking forward to the final Portuguese sector of this walk in the Minho which would take us from the beautiful and historic town of Viana do Castelo right up to Caminha which lies on the Minho River facing … Continue reading

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“You’ve tried the wine; now try the city!” Discovering Porto

For those contemplating visiting Porto, Portugal’s second largest city, The New York Times recently published an excellent article on how to make the most of just 36 hours in this beautiful and plenty to see city. As the writer explains, Port wine … Continue reading

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The Coastal Walk from Porto to Santiago Compostela – Part 2

Following my post last month on the start of the “Coastal Walk from Porto to Santiago“, last Saturday, October 8th saw the second sector of the walk from Vila do Conde to Esposende.   The organizers, Grupo Terra Verde, managed to … Continue reading

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A Hidden Treasure – Portuguese Olive Oil

I have, discovered in my time living here, that Portuguese olive oil, known as ‘azeite‘, is one of the most delicious there are. Olive oil was extracted over 5,000 years B.C. from wild olives in modern Syria and Palestine but only after … Continue reading

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Luscious Summertime Lunches

The lunchtime meal is an important part of the day for many Portuguese people and certainly one of mine!   Be it at the work place, home or at a restaurant it will traditionally be a two or three course … Continue reading

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The Portuguese ‘Pote’ in a Traditional Kitchen

The typical old Portuguese farmhouse kitchen is a sight to be seen.  Still found and in use in many rural parts of Portugal, especially in the northern and central parts, it is a large open space where one can find everything that … Continue reading

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Nothing Beats Meandering Through the Minho

One of the most beautiful parts of Portugal is the northern area called the Minho.  It covers a geographic area of around 4.700 km2 and its natural green scenery with an abundance of water and excellent white sandy beaches is a favourite … Continue reading

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The Ultimate Homemade Portuguese Version of Crème Brûlée

Thought I would bring you a deliciously firm favourite dessert in this country which is a Portuguese version of Crème Brûlée called here Leite Creme Queimado.  It is a dessert that can be made simply and quickly and doesn’t cost too much. … Continue reading

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Statuesque Canastros

I am fascinated by the old Portuguese granaries known as ‘canastros’, ‘espigueiros’ or ‘caniços’ which can still be seen in the Minho region throughout the north of Portugal.  I have always known them as canastros and driving along country roads or … Continue reading

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